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Advantages of Stump Grinding

There is no advantage to leaving a stump on your yard. It is going to be best for your property to get rid of it before it starts causing problems.

Enhance Aesthetics

Stumps are real eyesores. By removing one, you can improve the look of your lawn. You can also use that freed up space to plant a new tree or a flower bed to further improve aesthetics. 

Prevent Pest Infestations

Tree stumps make the perfect habitat for all kinds of creepy crawlers. Cockroaches and termites love making stumps their home, so by getting rid of it, you are preventing a potential infestation inside your house. 

Increase Safety

They simply are not safe to have around. If the grass gets particularly long, then people may have trouble seeing it. Someone could easily trip over it when walking across your yard, and you could be held liable. 

Cause Property Damage

A stump still has roots, and those roots continue to grow. They can make their way into pipes or wires beneath your property and damage them. This leaves you with more headaches because now you have to get someone to repair your sewer line. 
As you are removing a tree, ask about getting the stump removed as well. You can get both services done by calling One Tripp Tree Service at 858-571-3710.