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Four Reasons to Prune Your Trees

It might seem counterintuitive, but regularly removing branches (sometimes even healthy ones) is essential to helping your tree thrive and look its best. Here are four reasons it's a good idea to prune your trees annually.

1. Better Growth

As trees grow upward and outward, the lower and interior branches of the tree become inessential. However, they still draw nutrients and energy. By removing these non-essential branches, the tree is better able to supply branch tips with fuel, leading to quicker growth.

2. Getting More Fruit

When it comes to fruit and nut trees, fewer branches can make for a better harvest. Pruning away limbs helps to promote the formation of the spurs which eventually form into the fruit body.

3. Preventing Disease and Accident

Branches that are damaged by wind or extreme temperatures not only post the risk of falling unexpectedly, they are much more vulnerable to disease and fungal infection.

4. Improving and Illuminating Your View

Even the most beautiful trees sometimes have a way of obstructing a nice view or preventing sunlight from getting through. Selectively removing branches is a good way to solve this problem while saving the tree.
In order to prevent potentially devastating damage to your tree, it's best to leave pruning to the professionals. An experienced arborist will be able easily spot the branches that should be removed, without compromising your tree's health.