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How to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

It is important to keep your trees protected from harsh winter weather. The fall is the best time to start getting ready. Cold, ice, drought, sun and depredation are all things that can cause damage during dormant winter months.

  • Cold - It is important to protect the root system. Mulching the area around trees helps insulate against cold. This also helps retain moisture and acts as a weed deterrent. Avoid mulching too close to the tree, so rodents don’t have a clear shot at the bark.
  • Ice - Ice can be detrimental to a plant. Heavy snow and ice storms bend and break branches. It is important to prune your trees in the fall once it is cool enough that new growth is unlikely. You can also build tent structures over smaller trees or wrap in a thick carpet. Be sure to remove wrapping in the spring to prevent girdling the trees.
  • Depredation - Mice, rabbits and even deer can cause severe damage in the winter. Food is scarce and animals start eating bark and twigs. Lining the trunk with a cylinder of metal mesh cloth is a great preventive measure. It needs to extend below the ground line and several inches above the anticipated snow line.
Be prepared this winter by protecting your trees in the fall. The best way to ensure your trees have adequate insulation and defenses against rodents is to hire a professional tree care service. Call One Tripp Tree Service at 858-571-3710 to learn more.