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When to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

A tree is a great way to beautify a yard. However, that is dependent on the tree being healthy and vibrant. There are certain instances when it would be a good idea to simply get rid of a tree instead of leaving it where it is.

Significant Trunk Damage

When there is internal decay or vertical cracks in the trunk, you might want to consider removing the tree. A small amount of damage could heal over time, but if the damage covers a quarter of the trunk’s surface area, it would be in your best interest to remove it.

Tree Is Leaning

A little bit of lean is all right. However, if the angle it is leaning is greater than 15 percent, then you want to get rid of it. The reason is that the tree could topple over entirely, and you want it gone before that happens.

Tree Is Near Some Power Lines

If a tree grows into power lines, it could severely damage the system. Even if the tree is not growing directly upward into some lines, it would be good to get rid of it if there is the potential it could fall onto lines. Always have a professional take care of this dangerous job for you.

You want all trees on your property to look great and not be a hazard to anyone or anything. Call One Tripp Tree Service at 858-571-3710 to professional tree service.