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Answering Your Tree Health Questions in San Diego

Tree Tips

How do I know if my tree is sick?
Do you notice a change in the tree? Are the leaves changing color, and it is not fall? Our estimators are experienced arborists who can assist you in determining if your tree has any problems.

How do you determine if my tree needs to be trimmed, and what trimming is required?
We follow industry standards to recommend the appropriate procedure for your trees.

Can you cut the tree hard so I don’t have to trim it again for a long time?
The harder you cut it, the faster it wants to grow back. Field studies show that the practice of over-pruning is detrimental to the health of trees.

Do you trim all species of trees?
We trim all varieties, with a few exceptions.

Do you plant or transplant trees?
We can help you plant in most cases, and if not, we can refer you to a competent landscaper.

Can you leave me firewood from my tree?
We can leave wood from your tree, but it will be logs, not split firewood.

How do you remove trees from difficult locations without damaging anything?
We have experienced foremen who utilize specialized equipment to facilitate even the hardest removal. Whether using a crane to lift them out, or rope and rigging to piece them out, our experienced crews make sure to protect your surrounding property.

What is the difference between stump removal and stump grinding?
Stump removal is digging out and hauling off a stump.

Stump grinding uses a machine to “shred” the stump in the ground. This process produces stump grindings, which is a mixture of wood chips and dirt that gets backfilled into the resulting hole.

Will the tree grow back?
It depends on the species and vigor of the remaining stump. Some species grow back more often than others. It may be advisable to treat the stump with herbicide.

Will stump grinding kill the stump?
Most trees will not regrow after stump grinding. Lateral roots can still sprout volunteer trees. Stump grinding can help prevent regrowth, but does not guarantee it.

Will I be left with a hole after you grind the stump?
No, the stump grindings would be pushed back into the area unless otherwise requested at time of estimate.

Can I plant a new tree in that same spot?
Sometimes the previous tree can deplete the soil of important nutrients, and it may be better to delay planting until the area has a chance to regenerate. We always recommend not planting in the same spot; however, there may not be enough room elsewhere, so we make all efforts to clear out the old stump first.